Ocean consolidations

Among the various transportation options available, sea freight has established itself as a reliable and efficient method for transporting goods from different companies within various containers, reducing transportation costs and improving the overall efficiency of international shipments.


Placing goods from different companies into a single container reduces shipping costs for each shipper. Every company can benefit from more competitive rates compared to a single shipment.

Companies can entrust the planning and organization of shipments to specialized logistics service providers, who coordinate the loading, arrival and delivery of goods.

Consolidated shipments are often scheduled in advance, which enables us to accurately plan transit times and therefore better communicate delivery dates to the customers and reduce the risks associated with unexpected delays.

Ocean Freight Consolidations offer small and medium-sized companies the opportunity to access global markets, allowing them to explore new export opportunities.

Sharing a container space loaded in highly qualified warehouses can help reduce the risk of damage during transportation.

Consolidated shipments help us reduce the environmental impact of transportation.

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