Our IT department has developed an innovativelatest generation Cargo Tracking system (iBoard), which allows us to determine the precise position of containers in real time in every part of the world and therefore monitor the supply and transportation chain of each individual shipment, all just one click away.

iBoard is an intelligent system that collects a very high quantity of information from multiple sources simultaneously, processing statistics of the ports, the shipping company, and the carrier itself, to compare route estimates and recognize a possible delay of the goods well in advance. In conclusion, iBoard offers unprecedented visibility, improves operational efficiency, and reduces risks, significantly contributing to international shipping success and customer satisfaction.

Offered services

Updates on the status of the shipment in real time
Possibility of printing a shipment list
Satellite GPS of the ships
Estimated Time of Departure (ETD)
Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)
Actual Time of Departure (ATD)
Actual Time of Arrival (ATA)
Date and time container positioning
Entry into the departure port terminal (POL)
Exit from the arrival port terminal (POD)
Dedicated customer assistance

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