Air consolidations

Among the available transportation options, consolidated air freight is a quick and efficient method for transporting goods from different companies within a single load, thus allowing the aggregation of goods within a single air pallet, reducing costs and improving the overall efficiency of international shipping.


One of the main advantages of consolidated shipments by air is the speed of delivery. Using air freight dramatically reduces transit times compared to other options, ensuring fast deliveries and minimal wait times for customers.

While air freight can be expensive, using consolidated shipping helps reduce per-shipment costs. Every company can benefit from more competitive rates compared to direct shipping.

Air shipments offer a high degree of traceability and visibility. Businesses can track their goods in real time and provide customers with accurate information on the status and location of the shipments.

Companies can rely on logistics experts who plan, coordinate and organize the entire shipping process, ensuring an efficient flow of goods.

Air freight consolidations allow companies to send different sized goods in one load. This flexibility is particularly favorable for companies that handle goods of various sizes and types.

The efficient stowage of goods in highly qualified warehouses helps reduce the risk of damage and impacts during transportation.

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